6 Best Breeds for Indoor Cats

When choosing the best breed of cat for your household it will largely depend on your lifestyle and personality as well as which characteristics you find most appealing in a feline friend. Here are six breeds that our Mooresville vets recommend as house cats.

What's the best house cat breed?

The answer to this question depends on the personality, physical attributes and other characteristics you're looking for in your feline companion as well as your own lifestyle. Cats are as unique as their humans; while some are chatty attention seekers, others are quiet snoozers. Here are some breeds which adjust well to the indoor life of a house cat.


These lively, golden-eyed felines are outgoing athletes who love to show off their athletic skills, provide hours of cuddles, and affectionately chat away at you for hours. This breed is easy to groom, sheds moderately and only requires weekly brushing.


A lovely choice for apartment dwellers seeking a feline friend, Ragdoll cats are large, long-bodied and strikingly beautiful, with long, silky coats. When it comes to their personality, they are loving, sweet, and always up for cuddles.

They often welcome their people at the door when they arrive home, and can learn tricks easily with a little positive reinforcement.


Also known as “Himmies”, these gentle and calm cats have large, deep blue eyes and long, full, dense coats that require regular grooming.

You’ll often see a Himalayan exhibit kitten-like bursts of energy. You are as likely to find see these lovely cats snoozing in a sliver of sunlight, as you are to see them sprinting through the living room, on to their next adventure. These cats make great companions, provided their owners are attentive to nutrition and give them enough exercise and interaction.

British Shorthair

Originally bred to keep rodents from invading their masters’ barn and house, this breed plays well by themselves and are a good choice for single people provided they get enough exercise and interaction from their owner. 

This powerful, medium-to-large-sized breed is known for being round and thick. It’s important to groom your British Shorthair daily, since these cats tend to grow thick, dense coats in the winter, which shed with seasonal changes.

Scottish Fold

Named for their unusual and adorable folded ears, Scottish Folds are known for being enthusiastic mousers who are also playful, sensitive and expressive. One striking feature of this breed is their orange-yellow colored eyes.

This breed is good with children, loves attention, companionship, and time around people. If you’re out of the house for long periods this may not be the best cat breed for you. 

Devon Rex

Loyal, relaxed and fun-loving, this breed is known as the pixie of the cat world. These are mischievous felines with large eyes, high-set cheekbones, long legs and slender bodies. This playful breed also gets along well with children.

Kittens at heart, they are intelligent, active, and need stimulation such as playing with puzzle toys that offer treats as a reward or learning tricks.

Wondering which breed would be best suited to you? Contact our Mooresville Animal Hospital for advice.

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